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Hydromet Research and Recovery LLP is a company which develops technologies for metals recovery from primary and secondary resources and is competent to provide services at every step of research development, process implementation and optimization.
We provide technologies for metals recovery using, Hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy, Solvent extraction and Electrowinning to all metals processing industries.
Our services include Research and Development, Consultancy Services, Design Engineering, Leaching, Precipitation, Solvent Extraction, Cementation and Electrowinning for recovery of metals from primary and secondary resources.
Our experience in Recovery of Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Lithium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Precious metals (Pt, Pd, Au & Ag) from spent catalysts, spent lithium-ion batteries, electroplating sludge, ash, alnico alloys etc.
Hydromet Research and Recovery LLP collaborative research projects with SK Hydrometallurgical EXREW, Vadodra, Gujrat, Free lance consultant Dr. Santosh Tungare, Mumbai and Ravika Organic Private Limited, Umred, Nagpur. We have extensive experience in technical and scientific expertise to develop the project.
Our Vision
Our goal is to establish a leading startup company focused on recovery of metals and research and development in primary and secondary resources, with the aim of maximizing the efficient utilization of metal waste and contributing to a sustainable and Circular economy.
We strive to develop innovative and cost-effective technologies to extract, process and repurpose metal resources from various waste streams such as spent catalysts, Spent lithium-ion batteries, Electroplating sludge, Ash, Alloys, Scrap, Industrial byproducts and Discharge metal products.
By Levering advanced techniques and conducting extensive research, our company aims to minimize environmental impact, reduce reliance on traditional mining, and create a viable business model centered around metal recovery.
Through collaboration with industry partners, academia and government agencies, we seek to reform the waste management sector, promoting more efficient and responsible approach to metals utilization and contributing to the conservation of natural resources
for future generations.
Our Mission

Hydromet Research and Recovery LLP mission is to help its customers to achieve their ecofriendly Liability of recovering metals from primary and secondary resources and reducing wastage and producing high quality Metals and Metal Products at affordable cost.

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